etched flower mandala necklace with sugilite
$ 186.00

etched flower mandala necklace with sugilite

This one-of-a-kind design features a hand-cut brass flower, which is comprised of three individual layers of hand-etched brass. I curled some of the petals up to create dimension around a polished sugilite cabochon, which is nestled within a brass bezel. The 12.5 inch long brass chain allows the pendant to rest perfectly upon the chest. This is an eye-catching necklace, is perfect for layering and can easily be dressed up or down.

Sugilite is a somewhat obscure mineral named for the Japanese geologist who discovered the first specimens in 1944, Ken-ichi Sugi. Sugilite is found in Japan, Canada. However, the major site is in the Kalahari desert in South Africa, discovered in 1975.

Sugilite is known as one of the love stones of the earth. A natural facilitator of physical and emotional healing it also dispels negativity and anger, creating harmony and opening one to spiritual energy and growth. Sugilite can help you answer the great questions such as “Why am I here?“, “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, and “What do I need to understand to evolve my soul?” It is a very spiritual stone that will help keep the soul safe from shocks, disappointment and trauma.

Sugilite is a major spiritual stone, promoting individual as well as universal love. Sugilite is said to help with understanding the “big questions” in life. Especially helpful for those who feel alienated and alone, Sugilite helps the user to understand the purpose for their existence. Known as “The Healer’s Stone”, Sugilite is said to enhance one’s healing and psychic abilities.