etched flower mandala necklace with picture jasper
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etched flower mandala necklace with picture jasper

This one-of-a-kind design features a hand-cut brass flower, which I hand-etched with an intricate flower mandala design. A polished picture jasper cabochon is nestled with a handmade bezel, which I hand-etched with a coordinating design and hand-cut to shape. The 12.5 inch long brass chain allows the pendant to rest perfectly upon the chest. This is an eye-catching necklace, is perfect for layering and can easily be dressed up or down.

Jaspers have been revered by ancient peoples and civilizations throughout the world as sacred and powerful stones of protection, for both the physical and spiritual realm. They were known as the "rain bringers" and nurturers, healers of the spirit and stones of courage and wisdom.

Picture jasper is characterized by masterful "scenes" and landscape patterns formed by nature, and is believed to contain hidden messages from the past. It was revered in many cultures of the world for its deep connection to the earth. Highly attuned to the earth's magnetic fields and energy systems, picture jasper provides a remarkable ability during meditation to merge with the consciousness of the earth.

As a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth. it is said to promote feelings of responsibility towards the planet, encouraging a need to care for it and protect it. Picture jasper's grounding energy can give you a strong sense of who you are, where you've been and where you are going.