bohemian dreamcatcher necklace with vibrant rainbow quartz
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bohemian dreamcatcher necklace with vibrant rainbow quartz

Bohemian-style dreamcatcher necklace made with a 1.5-inch wide chocolate brown deerskin leather-wrapped ring with brass wire and a vibrant rainbow quartz point. The colors that are reflected in this stone are indescribable. Depending on the light, they change from deep purple to bright pink to rich aquamarine. Finished with ethnic brass beads and spikes. Full pendant measures approximately 3.25 inches long and is very lightweight. 27-inch long brass chain is decorated with stunning beadwork in brass tones and include authentic druzy gemstone beads.

Rainbow quartz is a natural quartz that has been heat-infused with titanium, resulting in a full spectrum of colors, generating rainbows and rich hues. Because the brilliant colors are produced by blending natural substances with a natural affinity, the metaphysical properties are enhanced rather than destroyed. An excellent stone for creativity, both removing blockages to creativity and enhancing creative powers. An intensely visual stone, promotes clairvoyance and all forms of "seeing."

The Ojibwe people have an ancient legend about the origin of the dreamcatcher. Storytellers speak of the Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi; she took care of the children and the people on the land. Eventually, the Ojibwe Nation spread to the corners of North America and it became difficult for Asibikaashi to reach all the children. So the mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs for the children, using willow hoops and sinew, or cordage made from plants. The dreamcatchers would filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind.